Batter Up!

01 Apr

Yes!  D-backs won their first game of the regular season.  Yay!  I am very sad to read that Doug Davis has thyroid cancer, but the spin on is that his prognosis is good and he thinks he’ll be back from surgery in a pretty short time.  Still, very scary and sad in someone so young and athletic.  Wonder when The Big Unit will make his first start; I sure hope he’ll be showing at least a little of the real RJ when he does.  Generally, RJ on a mediocre day can be better than a lot of other guys on a good day, so I’m hopeful.  As for the offense/defense, well, they’ve got some great guys in there, the young and the not so young, so I really believe they can do well this year if they want to and work hard.  BoMel does a great job with the batting order, keeps it consistent most of the time, but mixes it up just enough based on match-ups, who’s hot, who’s not, etc. 

As for the Sox, well, I have every confidence in my hometown Red Sox, with or without the missing links in their bullpen right now, although if Beckett doesn’t return from his back soreness on time, that could be a big blow.  Who knows when Schilling will be back and how well he’ll be pitching when he does – he’s been a pretty durable guy through the years, so this shoulder injury combined with his age is a big concern, really.  Yes, the Sox have plenty of pitching without Schill, but, hey, Schill is…Schill – we missed being able to see him pitch live when he was traded away from AZ.  Bottom line, though, regardless of the Schilling injury, Theo Epstein and the organization continue putting together amazing, competitive teams centered the key of dominant pitching and a great batting line-up (duh!! throw the ball, hit the ball, catch the ball – sounds easy, but no so much, huh? If it really was that simple, any one could play in the majors!!)

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