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Ahhhh…the yarn is talking to me again!

Aaahhhh!  So much better now.  The yarn is talking to me again.  I’m still doing a fair amount of tinking back to fix stupid mistakes – I sometimes get off the count of stitches if I’m talking to someone, for instance, which is rather annoying.  Still, I’m not having to frog in the middle of every pattern repeat, so that’s a big improvement.  I have about 13-14″ of the cardi’s back done now, and need to get just another inch before I start the bind off and subsequent decreases for the back neck and shoulders.  Very cool.  My knitting buddy, who tends to like small projects like scarves, hats, and miniatures, keeps commenting on how quickly the sweater is working up.  I laugh, because I don’t think 18 days is all that fast, first of all, and secondly, it’s a size small, so of course it’s going quickly in comparison to an XL item for me!  LOL! 

Anyway, dull weekend, mostly, but I did buy two balls of Crystal Palace Maizy this weekend, with which I will soon start my first pair of socks, using the very popular tutorial written by Ravelry user KBelle, aka Silver at the forums (go to  I’ve got some size 2 bamboo dpns just waiting for Maizy, but I may wait to start the socks until after Mother’s Day, so that I can include a set of KP Harmony dpns in the smaller metric sz 2.  We shall see…need to swatch the yarn on the ones I have, of course, and see how it works up in a circle. 

That’s my knitting life for the weekend – lots of dot check cardi, a little sock yarn, and a whole lot of household shopping.  I did score a new dress plus a skirt and top at Kohl’s on Saturday, with which I’m very pleased – they are petites, and the skirt and dress are both petite large.  I probably could have taken the surplice top in a large, too, but they didn’t have one, so I grabbed the XL and will have to alter it a little bit to keep it from being ridiculously revealing.  Now, most people would be depressed about buying a size large, and I was one of them when PM became PL…but now that it’s bumping down from “no P big enough” to PL, I’m pretty tickled.  🙂  I have no idea why I’m smaller, but I do seem to have lost some weight.  I’m not snacking much, because I knit every spare minute, which is keeping the hands too busy to dip into the cookies or chips, I guess.  Very cool.  Tried on some clothes that have been hibernating in the closet today and an awful lot of them either fit or were close enough that 5 more pounds will do the trick.  Hubby was so impressed that he finally agreed that we should start walking in the evenings so that I can keep going and he can finally take off a few of those excess pounds that have crept onto his frame since his heart attack in 2000 and the later onset of type II diabetes in 2002.  It’s all good…


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My yarn isn’t talking to me

After finishing the left and right fronts plus an extra left front (oy! – see prior post here for details), plus both sleeves, I seem to have hit a wall with managing the simple eyelet lace/basketweave pattern on my dot check cardi.  Grrrr.  I think I spent more time frogging and tinking last night than actually knitting.  Most frustrating.

It’s Saturday morning now, a beautiful, rainy spring morning here in Middle Tennessee.  We plan a little excursion into Nashville today, but we’re hoping to get a lot done in a little time, because DH has finally broken down and signed up for some guitar lessons (long story, for another post), and they start today at 1:00 pm here in town.  So, that need, combined with $3.55 gasoline, means that we will have to be very, very efficient today.  I want to go to a LYS to look for a sock yarn that isn’t woolly (challenging to locate!!), DH needs a stand for the acoustic guitar he bought last weekend to go with the 3 electrics we already have in the house, and we both want to check out a home decor/building materials overstock place that’s supposed to be pretty cheap.  Plus DH needs new sneakers from Kohl’s.  Whew! 

Wish me luck on the sock yarn.  I’m crossing my fingers that one of the two slightly larger shops will have something I like.  I really adore TBY, my regular LYS, but I didn’t see something I wanted there…


Back and forth – knitting and otherwise…

So, for some strange reason (not really strange), I decided to move my blog from to blogger. It was a lot of work to get the existing posts over there, but it’s done now, and I’m very happy with the results. My reason for moving? Blogger seemed a bit easier to use.  But I missed the wider text area for the posts and also the three column templates from wordpress, so I’m coming back here.  🙂  Decisions, decisions, eh? 
As for knitting, well, the dot check cardi I’m knitting as a hybrid between the original pattern in Creative Knitting and the Hexacomb in Interweave Knits is finally going well. I have the correct left front, the right front and the sleeves done.  It looks really pretty so far, and I think my friend is going to love it. Haven’t knitted anything else lately, nor have I bought any more yarn (yikes!!). Weird.

I did go to Threaded Bliss a week or so ago, on the hunt for sock yarn that I can actually use (i.e., one with little to no wool), but didn’t find anything I just had to have. They do stock Kollage Luscious, but $24 to find out if I like making socks seemed a bit much. Other than that, pretty much everything else they had in stock had at least some wool in it, which is to be expected, I guess. A pure cotton sock wouldn’t stay up on your leg and it would probably be pretty uncomfortable. I know that there’s other yarns out there that don’t have much wool or have none at all, so I just have to try some other LYS or bite the bullet and order something from an online source…which makes me nervous, because I like to pet before I purchase.

Not much else new here. It’s a GORGEOUS day, and it has been beautiful out for a week or so now. Love it! Bought some pretty pink azaleas and some yellow and orange marigolds for the garden last weekend and got them planted on Sunday. After all the hard work of cooking up a wonderful Seder meal that same weekend, I was T I R E D. Being the oldest Jewish person in my household, I get to read from the Haggadah, as well as do all the cooking, and it brought back a lot of memories of my mom and other family members who have passed away (dad, all the grandparents, all but one uncle, etc.), so it was a little sad for me. I’ve been sort of blue ever since, but I’m hoping I’ll get my equilibrium back soon. It was still a great Seder, in spite of the sad memories, and the Mogen David blackberry wine seemed especially tasty this year. LOL! 🙂

Best of all, my Arizona Diamondbacks currently hold the best win/loss record in all of MLB for the season to date at 16-6. Woo hoo!  Some other teams are beginning to heat up, so D-backs need to keep the pressure on and keep winning games. The absolute best part of the season-to-date record is that the D-backs are doing this primarily against their division foes. That’s a really good sign of potential success across the rest of the season, but of course, nothing is guaranteed in baseball.  One injury or one bad series can change the whole dynamic for the team and wham! There goes the winning percentage.

Boston isn’t doing all that badly, either, at 15-9, and the 7-3 record in their last 10 games is pretty good, but the loss of the last 2 consecutive games doesn’t look as pretty.  But, all in all, the Sox have fielded yet another great team in 2008, and I’m confident that they’ll in the thick of things all season long.  

It just doesn’t get much better than this – both of my favorite baseball teams are on a roll, the knitting is going well, the job is fine, and the tax rebate I didn’t ask for arrives at the end of next week, meaning I might be going on a bit of stashing binge…unless DH and I decide to do something intelligent with the $$$, like pay down some credit card balances or buy a new mattress (which we badly need!).  Still, life is gooooooood. 🙂

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Uh-oh, it’s time, but I’m not ready!

Gut Pesach, Chag Sameach, or perhaps, if you prefer, just Happy Passover, everyone – ok, I’m about 11 hours early.  But Passover is as good as here, and I’m not even close to ready.  It was such a huge success to find a big box of regular matzoh in my town of 25K people, nearly none of whom are Jewish, that I’ve been basking in that success since Monday night, when I should have been picking up a few of the other things I needed every night.  🙂  So here I am, the morning of 1st Seder day, with a box of matzoh, a box of matzoh meal, two packages of matzoh ball mix (I haven’t got the patience to make ’em from scratch!!), and one jar of sweet gefilte fish.  Oy!! 

To add insult to injury, I’m posting to my blog at the very moment, instead of writing up a shopping list.  Yeesh…

But I did want to say that my teeny-tiny dot check cardi for my teeny-tiny size 2 friend in TX is coming along VERY well, finally.  I now have a correctly-completed left front and about 2.5 inches of the right front done, and the pattern is correct all over them both.  Whoo-hoo!!  Of course, I can’t say that I’m not having to do a pretty fair amount of tinkin’ and froggin’ to keep the eyelet lace pattern straight, but I don’t care, it looks beautiful!  🙂

Have a great weekend, all, and if you do partake of Seder this evening, then Happy Passover to you all.  As we always say, next year in Jerusalem!  Unless, of course, you happen to live in Jerusalem…


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Quickies again (I hope)

Okay, been a while since I posted, so lots to talk about.  Hmmmm…where to start?

Well, knitting.  Hmmm.  I started a modified dot check cardi for my friend using the Reynolds Tucson in my stash.  I say modified because I’m doing it as sort of a cross between that pattern and the Hexacomb – fewer garter stitch rows, but with color variation, for the hems, and a short, cropped cardi overall.  Not sure yet whether I will do the full collar or not, might just do the garter stitch rows as shown on Hexacomb.  Only time will tell if this is a good thing or a disaster.  I got through the left front last week, except that, just when I was on the last few rows before binding off the neck, I realized that I had reversed the RS/WS way down at the ribs or so.  Sigh.  I finished it off anyway, and briefly considered duplicating the error on all other pieces, but UGH – I like it better the right way, so I will frog that one if I have to, or otherwise just keep it as a template for sizing.  🙂

Went back to the nice craigslist poster’s garage last weekend and picked up some more yarn I never heard of – it’s called Cuba, and I can’t remember who made it, but it looks beautiful – I got lots of red and black, and had hoped to use it for a Stargazer sweater, but it won’t come up to gauge.  Still, it will reside quietly in the stash until I find something to do with it.  I scored 16 skeins of the stuff (10 black, 6 red) and two sets of sz 3 circulars (one Addi 16″, one Inox 40″) for $26.  Pretty cool.  Except that the Cuba is splitty…and that gauge thing…

On a non-knitting note or two – GO D-BACKS!!  11-4 on the season so far, as of yesterday.  Woo-freakin’-hoo!  And the Red Sox?  Well, they had a *really* bad day yesterday, so let’s not talk about that.  LOL!  Damn, I do so love baseball, but I never get to watch it – I won’t pay for MLB Extra Innings, even if I could get it from my cable company – $200??  Yeesh.  I do get MLB.TV on line, but can never get a hold of one of the two computers in my house with a decent graphics card to watch.  Grrrr.

Under the heading of shameless plugging, a good friend of mine is involved in a worthy charitable endeavor – she is the adoption coordinator for a ferret shelter here in the mid-south.  The shelter is a rescue and re-homing organization, but also deals quite a lot with ferrets who are not appropriate for re-homing, either because they are ill or older, etc.  If you have ever been interested in ferrets as pets or are just one of those people who’s a sucker for a cute little face, like me, please visit their website,, or at the new blog I talked them into starting,  The blog doesn’t have much up yet, but try them again in a couple of weeks. 

Ok, guess I’d better get back to work now, huh?  Not much going on today, just waiting for people to reply to stuff I’ve sent them.  Sigh…


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Another knitting failure :(

Well, earlier this week I cast on the Hexacomb cardi (Spring 2008 Interweave Knits).  This was supposed to be for my friend who just got the great news that she does not have thyroid cancer.  I have frogged the *&^$#$@@!! thing 3 times since Monday. 

It’s absolutely ridiculous that I can’t follow this pattern and keep my knits and purls straight, it’s not that complicated.  Sigh.  The pattern called for a stockinette swatch, but I have just learned a new lesson in knitting – I must always make a 2nd swatch in pattern if it isn’t something plain, so I’ll know if I can handle the pattern stitch and all of my many interruptions from hubby, kid(s), friends, pets, work, life, etc.  I’m not convinced, I must admit, that the stitch pattern and Marla are a the only bad match – I’m quite convinced that those two things don’t combine well with the yarn I chose, a discontinued organic cotton that can be seen on my latest acquisitions page – the cakes laying in the basket.  Pretty yarn, but very splitty, and seems to have been designed to bloom during the washing/blocking stage, because the stitch definition is non-existent until I get it wet.  Phooey.

So, just for fun, I’ve just made a test swatch for the Dot Check Cardi from the late-winter issue of Creative Knitting, just to see if I could keep track of the pattern stitch.  That’s the one on the cover of the magazine.  The pattern was fine, I swatched it well and I enjoyed knitting it and didn’t get lost.  It’s very rhythmic and an enjoyable knit – enough variation to keep my brain occupied without being so complex that I can’t follow it and be involved in my little world at the same time.  I used some  Berroco Comfort, left-overs from my Tweenie Beanies, which actually has pretty good stitch definition, because it’s a sort of poofy yarn.  Splitty, but poofy and soft. 

Sadly, it didn’t knit to gauge on the needles that should have worked…too many stitches…and if I bump up, I think it will be too open.  Off to figure out which yarn in my stash might work now.  Hmmmm….might need to buy something else, which will cause my DH to laugh his rear end silly – just bought all of that yummy discontinued yarn, can’t find anything to knit with it.  Yeesh…


Happy Wednesday, all! 


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Ravelry needs a new server

OK, Ravelers, it’s time to work your wallet instead of your needles and hooks.  I know that my blog doesn’t get very heavy traffic, but if any Ravelers do happen to pass by, please look into donating to Ravelry through the Ravelraiser 2008 thread in the “For Love of Ravelry” forum.  Here’s the thing – I don’t know if some of you other Ravelers have noticed (yeah, right!), but as the site has grown so much in population, the responsiveness has gone way downhill.  In order to get our beloved Ravelry running in top form again, Casey and Jess need to buy a new server, and they aren’t going to get that out of their own pockets…

 So – be a good Ravelry citizen and hop on over to the Ravelraiser 2008 thread and click that Paypal button! 

 P.S. – Ravelry has a bunch of really cool prizes that will be awarded to randomly chosen Ravelraisers.  Go see the dream stashes and stuff they have in store for us!  Yum yum!!


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