More quick hits

27 Mar

So…it’s been a week or so since I’ve blogged, but of course, if you’re someone who has read my prior posts, you’ve probably gathered that I’ve been pretty busy.  What with the friends, the in-laws, the kids, the DH, the cats, dog, work and, of course, knitting, it’s been a little cuckoo.  Work has actually been quite crazy this week.  I’m taking a quick break from the insanity to at least start this post.  Busy, busy bee. 

Some not-so-happy news this week, in that the folks I used to work with in my last position will probably all be laid off within a few months.  There are some really wonderful, talented and experienced people on my old team, and this is a very bad time, economically-speaking, to be on the job hunt.  Sad.  I’m trying to spread the word through my new organization and some other contacts, but we shall see how much that helps.  Other not-happy news came in the form of a call from a dear friend who has an as-yet unknown mass in her neck on her thyroid.  Might be benign, will have to wait for her to call with test results.  This particular friend has had a tough time the last several years, both health-wise and family-wise, with both of her parents and one of her siblings passing away, all in the midst of her on-going battle with bladder cancer.  Sigh…

The family and friends have been having a pretty good time.  On Easter Sunday, we took the in-laws up to Nashville to cruise 2nd Avenue and Broadway, where all the cool shops and clubs for the country-music-fan live.  To the immense suprise of all but me, not everything was closed.  Nashville, is, after all, a tourist town.  So we did get to go to some cute shops, and I snapped up a sweatshirt from Ernest Tubb Record Shop, and my MIL grabbed a tee from there, as well.  My friends actually were away last weekend, visiting friends in Kentucky and helping out at the region’s only ferret rescue/shelter.  They worked hard but had fun.  Our family happy stuff included my younger son bringing home a very nice report card, my older son seems to be doing well enough in his college classes, and I’ve been getting some good “press” at work.  All good things. 

Knitting-wise, I’ve finished the back of my purple tee-shirt (pics soon) and am now about, oh, 4 inches into the front.  I have also completed both the pink and red beanies, just need to finish the embellishments on the pink and start/finish them on the red, and then mail them out to Arizona. 

Oddly, I did not buy so much as a single skein of yarn last week, even when going to the sit & knit at Threaded Bliss on Thursday (always fun, but especially active last week due to Good Friday being the following day, I think…or the nice weather, maybe).  I just didn’t see something that jumped off the shelf and screamed, “Buy me, buy me now!”, I guess.  Probably just as well, there’s probably enough in my queue for the moment.  Still have to jump back into my pink tank one of these days…preferably before the summer ends, as I would look pretty foolish (and cold!) wearing it next October!  I’m not making any promises about this weekend, though – I discovered a local woman near my home who apparently used to own a yarn store and has some 5,000 skeins she’d like to get rid of for around $1 or $2 each.  Woo-hoo – I see a trip to that lady’s storage area in my very near future!!

And, of course, the fact that I didn’t buy yarn last weekend does not mean it was a knitting-free weekend of purchases.  I did finally order myself a yarn ball winder from (the less-expensive one).  I wanted the Royal one, but they have been out of that for some weeks now, and I had followed a link to it a couple of weeks ago that said they would not be stocking the item any more.  Grrr.  So, with my Easter 40% off coupon in hand, I took the chance on the lesser ball winder.  Sadly, on the very day shipped my lesser one, the “good” ball winder came back into stock on their website.  I was NOT a happy camper.  Who knows – if the lesser one, which arrived this morning while I was here at work, does not please me, perhaps I’ll return it and get the better one.  I also purchased some $14 worth of wood and fasteners last weekend for my husband to use in building Crafty Diversion’s portable yarn swift (find it here: ). I presented him with a design challenge, however, in that I would like the swift to be more like a wind-mill (vertical, not flat), so that I can stand it in a corner when not in use and not have to find a flat, clear surface in my cluttered home in order to use it. We shall see what he comes up with…once he’s done and I’ve tried it, perhaps I will get some pics up for people to see.


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  1. country musician

    April 15, 2008 at 11:09 am

    I grew up listening to country music in my parents van. We had an 8 track player which was really cool at the time. My favorites were Loretta Lynn, Dolly Pardon and Kenny Rogers.


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