Lots of little quick hits

19 Mar

I’ve been a busy bee lately.  We still have 2 friends staying with us while they try to dig out of a financial hole.  They are great people, just like family, so we don’t really mind.  My in-laws also arrived late last week for their spring visit on their way home after visiting us from Thanksgiving through New Years and then holing up in Georgia, Florida and Louisiana for the rest of the winter.  With all of that plus our two kids, the combined pet population of 4 cats, 3 ferrets and a small dog, it’s a bit of a nut house in my home lately.  LOL!  Lots of cooking, lots of socializing, not much blogging, but still plenty of knitting!  🙂

 Anyway, I have some new projects underway, a purple tee made from Berroco Comfort, a yarn a just recently tried and really love.  Although it’s acrylic and nylon, it’s so brilliantly made that it feels like the softest, fluffiest thick tee-shirt cotton once knitted.  So the tee back is about 2/3rds done, with that, the front and two short sleeves yet to got, plus I want to crochet or knit a little shell stitch hem on to it, because the rolled hem called for in the pattern is going to make me look huge in a place I’d rather not look huge.  🙂  Anyway, I was so fond of the yarn that I bought two skeins of it in pink and red to make cute little beanies for my friend’s twin tweenie daughters, who are the same age as my younger son (12).  And I bought 5 skeins of it in a pretty mint-y blue/green to make….I don’t know what yet.  I’ll figure that out this week and probably wind up stashing yet more yarn!!  LOL!  So, I’m currently working on a tank top in pink Cascade Cotton Rich DK – back is done, see my flickr stuff – the purple tee shirt, and a pink beanie with a red stripe (about 1/2 done with that one).  Next up will be to start the front of the tank, finish the back of the purple tee and get going on the front, and finish beanie one then start the red beanie with a pink stripe.  Whew!!!  And once all of that is done, I am determined to make the Basic Black Cardi by Glenna C. from the MagKnits site,  Among other things…lots of yarn in the stash for which I don’t have a real plan, but that’s ok, something will come up eventually.  And my stash is really only about 3.5 plastic file box tubs worth, so I don’t feel too bad…except that it seems to grow every week…I’m trying to talk myself out of visiting Threaded Bliss Yarn this week, because I KNOW I won’t leave empty-handed.  LOL!

Have a good one, all.  🙂


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