Or am I really?

11 Mar

Not so sure that I really am feeling better and over my cold.  The congestion is really creeping up on me today, scratchy throat/burning eyes.  Ugh.  A relapse, I think.

As for the knitting, I am getting ready to frog the tee shirt for the 2nd time.  I got lost in direction last night and started knitting backwards and did 1/2 a row back to start and then another 1/2 a row back to middle before I figured it out.  Since it was only maybe 8-10 rows deep, I frogged.  Besides, since I’m already working on a tank top with a rolled hem, the idea of a rolled hem tee was sort of boring.  So I got a little too creative, and I will need to frog (or just toss) again, because it’s too few stitches for the stitch pattern I’m using, unless I use a few inches of negative ease, which really doesn’t look all that good on my lumpy 49 year old body.  🙂

Sigh…maybe I should just NOT knit for a few days till my brain starts working again…or find a more interesting pattern, one of the two…


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