Feeling better but still behind…

11 Mar

My cold is mostly gone now, but the congestion and the tired feeling are lingering, as is the dry skin all around my nose and mouth (ugh!).  I’d really rather be sleeping than anything else right now.  Caught a break in the action at work to pop in this post.  I’m a little bit behind in work tasks, a lot behind in home tasks, and I really need to get some pictures taken of my recent FO(s) and new stash purchases. 

Despite the cold and a snowstorm on Friday night that had the locals staying in their houses, I did get in to the LYS to add to my stash on Saturday.  Picked up the latest Interweave Knits and Knit Simple issues.  I love both of those magazines because the editors have come to the realization that not all knitters have 38″ busts or smaller, and neither do the people they knit for.  Anyway, I agonized over yarn to buy to make the cover cardi on Interweave’s spring 2008 issue, it’s such a classic, clean look, and I love it.  But I couldn’t find a yarn I liked for it, so I gave that up and went with an easy tee from Knit Simple.  After more agonizing, because I can’t bring myself to spend $80 for yarn to make anything, never mind a little tee, the nice, patient lady in the store pointed me to Berroco Comfort, which is a acrylic/nylon blend, not what I really was looking for, but yummy all the same.  The color is absolutely “me”, a gorgeous shade of purple called Raspberry Sorbet.  Knits up pretty nicely, good stitch definition and drape, but a bit grabby on my Harmony wood needle tips.  Might have to try ordering some of the nickel-plated brass tips for my Knit Picks Options set…

Well, better get back to work now…more later.  In-laws arriving on their spring swing toward home later this week, that’s always fun.  They are great guests and lots of laughs.  🙂


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