Sick and tired of sick, tired people

05 Mar

OK – that’s weird.  I posted this originally on night of the 4th, but the text has disappeared.

There’s been a nasty, awful cold running around my house – my younger son has had it (badly), my husband had it (medium), my friends who are visiting had it, and now I have it, and so does my older son.  It finally caught up with me and knocked me down.  So, now I’m the one that’s sick and tired.  In fact, my nose is running so much and my eyes watering so badly that I can’t even knit.  It’s actually sort of hard to see the computer screen, too, but luckily, I’m a touch-typist!  LOL! 

It’s going to be a blah weekend if I don’t get better by Saturday.  I hate wasting a weekend sitting around trying to break a fever and blowing my nose…which is already sore after just one day of this darned cold.  😦


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