I must have been crazy…

05 Mar

So my dear hubby (DH) has been quietly and politely bugging me for the last several weeks to plan on knitting him a sweater.  Nothing fancy, mind you, just a basic man’s sweater with a crew neck and long sleeves – a ski sweater without the fair isle, thank you very much, because this newbie knitter just doesn’t want to deal with all that color changing and carrying yarn across the back, etc., at this point in time.

So, we’re out shopping last weekend, and I remember that there’s a pretty decent yarn sale going on at Joann’s.  Since Joann is only a couple of blocks away from grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, off we go.  When we get there, hubby plops down at the table in the yarn area to sit and wait, until I remind him that I’m shopping for yarn for his sweater.  Up he goes.  And there were some good choices available, with hubby leaning toward Paton’s yarn, which is pretty decent yarn, really.  It was a tie between Shetland Chunky and Decor, and since Paton’s was *not* on sale at my Joann, I thought I would look around online for the colorways he liked and prepared to leave the store.  But lo and behold, the Vanna’s Choice catches our eye on the way out…now, if there’s anyone on earth who less likes to spend money on anything clothing-related than me, it’s my hubby.  So at $2.99 a skein, he found Vanna’s Choice pretty appealing. and the charcoal print colorway nearly irresistable.  So we bought the 8 skeins they had on the shelf.  I took it for a test knit yesterday and I hated it, hubby still loves it.  I think it’s scratchy and plastic-feeling, he thinks it’s soft and wonderful.  He’s supposed to run the swatch through the wash today, because I did read one ravelry knitter’s comment that it softened up after washing.  We shall see.  Seven of the eight skeins may go back, just because I didn’t like knitting with it.  I also read another ravelry knitter’s comment that different Vanna colorways may knit at different gauges, which is rather weird. 

I think I’ll hunt for some Decor or Shetland online today, so that I’m prepared for hubby’s bad mood when I tell him I don’t like the VC yarn for a sweater. 


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