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Weekend in (knitter’s) Paradise

It was a very good weekend, really.  I happened upon a craigslist posting offering plenty of yarn for cheap.  The poster used to be a LYS owner in another state and had lots of yarn she’s been hauling around the country for several years.  I scored 47 skeins of various yarns and a size 1 Inox circular needle for $65 – that’s an average of $1.35 per item.  So cool.  See the “latest acquisitions” page for pics.  🙂  DH and I also celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary this week (April Fool’s Day, in fact!), and he’s made me the loveliest gift for our anniversary this year – my own yarn swift.  It works really well, doesn’t take up much space, and it adds a great little breeze to the air that cools me off when I’m working hard at turning the crank on my yarn winder!  LOL!  Pics of that on the same page. 




The Tweenie Beanies (above) are fully completed.  I think they are really cute, but I’m not a 12 year old girl.  Will have to wait and see what they think!  🙂  I also finished the back of my purple tee in Berroco Comfort and am about 1/3 of the way done with the front, as well.  Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but still need to do the front of my pink Cotton Rich DK Tank of One Color before I can do more than swatch all this yummy new yarn.  Phooey…





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More quick hits

So…it’s been a week or so since I’ve blogged, but of course, if you’re someone who has read my prior posts, you’ve probably gathered that I’ve been pretty busy.  What with the friends, the in-laws, the kids, the DH, the cats, dog, work and, of course, knitting, it’s been a little cuckoo.  Work has actually been quite crazy this week.  I’m taking a quick break from the insanity to at least start this post.  Busy, busy bee. 

Some not-so-happy news this week, in that the folks I used to work with in my last position will probably all be laid off within a few months.  There are some really wonderful, talented and experienced people on my old team, and this is a very bad time, economically-speaking, to be on the job hunt.  Sad.  I’m trying to spread the word through my new organization and some other contacts, but we shall see how much that helps.  Other not-happy news came in the form of a call from a dear friend who has an as-yet unknown mass in her neck on her thyroid.  Might be benign, will have to wait for her to call with test results.  This particular friend has had a tough time the last several years, both health-wise and family-wise, with both of her parents and one of her siblings passing away, all in the midst of her on-going battle with bladder cancer.  Sigh…

The family and friends have been having a pretty good time.  On Easter Sunday, we took the in-laws up to Nashville to cruise 2nd Avenue and Broadway, where all the cool shops and clubs for the country-music-fan live.  To the immense suprise of all but me, not everything was closed.  Nashville, is, after all, a tourist town.  So we did get to go to some cute shops, and I snapped up a sweatshirt from Ernest Tubb Record Shop, and my MIL grabbed a tee from there, as well.  My friends actually were away last weekend, visiting friends in Kentucky and helping out at the region’s only ferret rescue/shelter.  They worked hard but had fun.  Our family happy stuff included my younger son bringing home a very nice report card, my older son seems to be doing well enough in his college classes, and I’ve been getting some good “press” at work.  All good things. 

Knitting-wise, I’ve finished the back of my purple tee-shirt (pics soon) and am now about, oh, 4 inches into the front.  I have also completed both the pink and red beanies, just need to finish the embellishments on the pink and start/finish them on the red, and then mail them out to Arizona. 

Oddly, I did not buy so much as a single skein of yarn last week, even when going to the sit & knit at Threaded Bliss on Thursday (always fun, but especially active last week due to Good Friday being the following day, I think…or the nice weather, maybe).  I just didn’t see something that jumped off the shelf and screamed, “Buy me, buy me now!”, I guess.  Probably just as well, there’s probably enough in my queue for the moment.  Still have to jump back into my pink tank one of these days…preferably before the summer ends, as I would look pretty foolish (and cold!) wearing it next October!  I’m not making any promises about this weekend, though – I discovered a local woman near my home who apparently used to own a yarn store and has some 5,000 skeins she’d like to get rid of for around $1 or $2 each.  Woo-hoo – I see a trip to that lady’s storage area in my very near future!!

And, of course, the fact that I didn’t buy yarn last weekend does not mean it was a knitting-free weekend of purchases.  I did finally order myself a yarn ball winder from (the less-expensive one).  I wanted the Royal one, but they have been out of that for some weeks now, and I had followed a link to it a couple of weeks ago that said they would not be stocking the item any more.  Grrr.  So, with my Easter 40% off coupon in hand, I took the chance on the lesser ball winder.  Sadly, on the very day shipped my lesser one, the “good” ball winder came back into stock on their website.  I was NOT a happy camper.  Who knows – if the lesser one, which arrived this morning while I was here at work, does not please me, perhaps I’ll return it and get the better one.  I also purchased some $14 worth of wood and fasteners last weekend for my husband to use in building Crafty Diversion’s portable yarn swift (find it here: ). I presented him with a design challenge, however, in that I would like the swift to be more like a wind-mill (vertical, not flat), so that I can stand it in a corner when not in use and not have to find a flat, clear surface in my cluttered home in order to use it. We shall see what he comes up with…once he’s done and I’ve tried it, perhaps I will get some pics up for people to see.


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Lots of little quick hits

I’ve been a busy bee lately.  We still have 2 friends staying with us while they try to dig out of a financial hole.  They are great people, just like family, so we don’t really mind.  My in-laws also arrived late last week for their spring visit on their way home after visiting us from Thanksgiving through New Years and then holing up in Georgia, Florida and Louisiana for the rest of the winter.  With all of that plus our two kids, the combined pet population of 4 cats, 3 ferrets and a small dog, it’s a bit of a nut house in my home lately.  LOL!  Lots of cooking, lots of socializing, not much blogging, but still plenty of knitting!  🙂

 Anyway, I have some new projects underway, a purple tee made from Berroco Comfort, a yarn a just recently tried and really love.  Although it’s acrylic and nylon, it’s so brilliantly made that it feels like the softest, fluffiest thick tee-shirt cotton once knitted.  So the tee back is about 2/3rds done, with that, the front and two short sleeves yet to got, plus I want to crochet or knit a little shell stitch hem on to it, because the rolled hem called for in the pattern is going to make me look huge in a place I’d rather not look huge.  🙂  Anyway, I was so fond of the yarn that I bought two skeins of it in pink and red to make cute little beanies for my friend’s twin tweenie daughters, who are the same age as my younger son (12).  And I bought 5 skeins of it in a pretty mint-y blue/green to make….I don’t know what yet.  I’ll figure that out this week and probably wind up stashing yet more yarn!!  LOL!  So, I’m currently working on a tank top in pink Cascade Cotton Rich DK – back is done, see my flickr stuff – the purple tee shirt, and a pink beanie with a red stripe (about 1/2 done with that one).  Next up will be to start the front of the tank, finish the back of the purple tee and get going on the front, and finish beanie one then start the red beanie with a pink stripe.  Whew!!!  And once all of that is done, I am determined to make the Basic Black Cardi by Glenna C. from the MagKnits site,  Among other things…lots of yarn in the stash for which I don’t have a real plan, but that’s ok, something will come up eventually.  And my stash is really only about 3.5 plastic file box tubs worth, so I don’t feel too bad…except that it seems to grow every week…I’m trying to talk myself out of visiting Threaded Bliss Yarn this week, because I KNOW I won’t leave empty-handed.  LOL!

Have a good one, all.  🙂


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Or am I really?

Not so sure that I really am feeling better and over my cold.  The congestion is really creeping up on me today, scratchy throat/burning eyes.  Ugh.  A relapse, I think.

As for the knitting, I am getting ready to frog the tee shirt for the 2nd time.  I got lost in direction last night and started knitting backwards and did 1/2 a row back to start and then another 1/2 a row back to middle before I figured it out.  Since it was only maybe 8-10 rows deep, I frogged.  Besides, since I’m already working on a tank top with a rolled hem, the idea of a rolled hem tee was sort of boring.  So I got a little too creative, and I will need to frog (or just toss) again, because it’s too few stitches for the stitch pattern I’m using, unless I use a few inches of negative ease, which really doesn’t look all that good on my lumpy 49 year old body.  🙂

Sigh…maybe I should just NOT knit for a few days till my brain starts working again…or find a more interesting pattern, one of the two…


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Feeling better but still behind…

My cold is mostly gone now, but the congestion and the tired feeling are lingering, as is the dry skin all around my nose and mouth (ugh!).  I’d really rather be sleeping than anything else right now.  Caught a break in the action at work to pop in this post.  I’m a little bit behind in work tasks, a lot behind in home tasks, and I really need to get some pictures taken of my recent FO(s) and new stash purchases. 

Despite the cold and a snowstorm on Friday night that had the locals staying in their houses, I did get in to the LYS to add to my stash on Saturday.  Picked up the latest Interweave Knits and Knit Simple issues.  I love both of those magazines because the editors have come to the realization that not all knitters have 38″ busts or smaller, and neither do the people they knit for.  Anyway, I agonized over yarn to buy to make the cover cardi on Interweave’s spring 2008 issue, it’s such a classic, clean look, and I love it.  But I couldn’t find a yarn I liked for it, so I gave that up and went with an easy tee from Knit Simple.  After more agonizing, because I can’t bring myself to spend $80 for yarn to make anything, never mind a little tee, the nice, patient lady in the store pointed me to Berroco Comfort, which is a acrylic/nylon blend, not what I really was looking for, but yummy all the same.  The color is absolutely “me”, a gorgeous shade of purple called Raspberry Sorbet.  Knits up pretty nicely, good stitch definition and drape, but a bit grabby on my Harmony wood needle tips.  Might have to try ordering some of the nickel-plated brass tips for my Knit Picks Options set…

Well, better get back to work now…more later.  In-laws arriving on their spring swing toward home later this week, that’s always fun.  They are great guests and lots of laughs.  🙂


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Sick and tired of sick, tired people

OK – that’s weird.  I posted this originally on night of the 4th, but the text has disappeared.

There’s been a nasty, awful cold running around my house – my younger son has had it (badly), my husband had it (medium), my friends who are visiting had it, and now I have it, and so does my older son.  It finally caught up with me and knocked me down.  So, now I’m the one that’s sick and tired.  In fact, my nose is running so much and my eyes watering so badly that I can’t even knit.  It’s actually sort of hard to see the computer screen, too, but luckily, I’m a touch-typist!  LOL! 

It’s going to be a blah weekend if I don’t get better by Saturday.  I hate wasting a weekend sitting around trying to break a fever and blowing my nose…which is already sore after just one day of this darned cold.  😦


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I must have been crazy…

So my dear hubby (DH) has been quietly and politely bugging me for the last several weeks to plan on knitting him a sweater.  Nothing fancy, mind you, just a basic man’s sweater with a crew neck and long sleeves – a ski sweater without the fair isle, thank you very much, because this newbie knitter just doesn’t want to deal with all that color changing and carrying yarn across the back, etc., at this point in time.

So, we’re out shopping last weekend, and I remember that there’s a pretty decent yarn sale going on at Joann’s.  Since Joann is only a couple of blocks away from grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, off we go.  When we get there, hubby plops down at the table in the yarn area to sit and wait, until I remind him that I’m shopping for yarn for his sweater.  Up he goes.  And there were some good choices available, with hubby leaning toward Paton’s yarn, which is pretty decent yarn, really.  It was a tie between Shetland Chunky and Decor, and since Paton’s was *not* on sale at my Joann, I thought I would look around online for the colorways he liked and prepared to leave the store.  But lo and behold, the Vanna’s Choice catches our eye on the way out…now, if there’s anyone on earth who less likes to spend money on anything clothing-related than me, it’s my hubby.  So at $2.99 a skein, he found Vanna’s Choice pretty appealing. and the charcoal print colorway nearly irresistable.  So we bought the 8 skeins they had on the shelf.  I took it for a test knit yesterday and I hated it, hubby still loves it.  I think it’s scratchy and plastic-feeling, he thinks it’s soft and wonderful.  He’s supposed to run the swatch through the wash today, because I did read one ravelry knitter’s comment that it softened up after washing.  We shall see.  Seven of the eight skeins may go back, just because I didn’t like knitting with it.  I also read another ravelry knitter’s comment that different Vanna colorways may knit at different gauges, which is rather weird. 

I think I’ll hunt for some Decor or Shetland online today, so that I’m prepared for hubby’s bad mood when I tell him I don’t like the VC yarn for a sweater. 


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