Bored with my knitting WIPs

29 Feb

I’m bored with what I’m knitting right now, and I’m bored with the things that are hibernating, too – or frustrated with them, which is why they are stuck in a box, not being knitted. 

I’m bored with my tank of one color, which is being knitted up in Cascade Cotton Rich DK – I love the yarn, love the color, and the pattern, being sleeveless and a top for me is sort of challenging, but it’s slow going, of course, and it’s all stockinette.  Even though I chose that intentionally because I had tried other things and failed to maintain the stitch pattern across the large quantity of stitches required to make it across my size 16W or so hips and bust.  As much as I want to make a wearable item for myself, I seem to get more enjoyment out of more instant knitting gratification, small projects that I can complete in a week or so of knitting after dinner and on break at work.  Ah, well, I don’t have any really special plans for the weekend, so perhaps I’ll make some good progress on the back of the tank.  I’m on the first increase row of the back, after finishing up the decreases for the waist and the lower ribcage portions. 

I’m frustrated with my 2nd set of spiral rib wristers.  They are based on the ones in the “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” book, but in a smaller yarn.  I’m knitting this pair in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, which is rather tiny yarn…not as tiny as my lace weight, mind you, but tiny for such a new knitter.  I find that I rather like working in smaller yarns, for the most part – chunky yarn projects seem to get heavy for my hands rather quickly.  At any rate, because the yarn is tiny (but gorgeous and so soft!), I wound up trying the wristers on sz 3 double points, and I did OK until I had to knit back and forth to create the thumb opening.  Arrrgh!  This is the same problem I had with the first one of the other pair – I messed up the pattern because I kept getting lost between knitting around the inside (as normal) on the double points and knitting around the outside edge as though I were knitting flat, which is a bit challenging when you are juggling 4 little needles.  The instructions actually say to do these on 16″ circulars, but I don’t own any of those, and my KP Harmony interchangeables only go down to sz 4.   Anyway, I tried doing the thumb portion on the sz 4 KPs via magic loop, but once again, I messed up the spiral ribbing.  It looks awful.  So I’ll probably be frogging that first mitt a 2nd time this weekend.  SIGH.  I think I should just give in and buy some 16″ sz 3 circulars, but I’ll need 2 pair and I don’t want to spend the money on Addis when I’m pretty sure I won’t like them (metal and me don’t get along, too cold and painful), and I don’t really want to wait for them to arrive from KP, either.  So, still sighing, don’t know what to do other than frog back and hunt for 2 x 16″ sz 3’s that won’t cost a fortune. 

Guess I should spend some time tonight deciding if I want to keep plugging away trying to make something pretty out of the laceweight Shimmer from KP – using the Airy Scarf from “Last Minute Knitted Gifts”, which is supposedly-simple eyelet lace pattern using *really* tiny yarn on sz 10 needles…it didn’t look all that pretty after the first 7-8 rows, so I became frustrated and laid it aside.  Need to see if there’s something else I’d like to do with 880 yards of lace.  Even if I wind up knitting it 2 strands at once, I want to make something out of it because it’s so pretty and so soft.  But for now, it is sitting in one of the stash boxes, sleeping peacefully with the two-strand basketweave scarf that bored me to tears and the Bernat Boa “fur” collar/cuffs that was just NOT working out.

Had the weirdest experience while surfing the net last weekend in search of an appropriate newer knitter pattern for a man’s sweater.  My hubby is exceptionally fond of “ski” style sweaters, which usually translates to mean “fair isle”, a technique that I don’t really think I’m up to yet.  So I surfed.  And as I was looking at a specific pattern on a certain yarn manufacturer’s web site, once I took my eyes of the stitch pattern and sizing details, etc., I looked at the person actually wearing the sample sweater, and realized it was my brother!  Really – not his twin, but him.  Weird.  It was quite surreal, actually.  The pic is a few years old (he had a lot more hair then!!), but it was definitely him.  Wonder why he forgot to tell me about his part time modelling career…(kidding – it was likely a one-time thing – sweater was a bit over-sized for him, so I think he was not the intended model, but one who got roped in after the sweater was complete.

One of these days, I’ll get around to updating the photos on my ravelry page.  If you are a ravelry member, and would like to see some of my stuff, see me there as marlajap…


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