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22 Feb

Well, it’s been a really long week, and thank goodness it is finally Friday!  I’m not done at work yet, but I’m letting these really boring reports run, so I can multi-task while I wait.  I would do something work-related, but all of the things I need to be doing are pending a response from someone else, which is really frustrating, to say the least.  It has really been a full week of up and down emotions, though, and I’m hoping that it will be a peaceful weekend.  That’s a vain hope in my house, I don’t seem to know what peaceful is anymore.  LOL!  🙂

Let’s see…the roller coaster started with my crazy 19 year old dropping his college Spanish class that he has to have as a requirement for his continued attendance, something he didn’t take in high school.  Unfortunately, despite being raised mostly in SoCal and Arizona, my 19 year old cannot speak or really even read a word of Spanish that isn’t on a Taco Bell menu.  Unfortunately, his Spanish teacher is from Spain, and believes that only total immersion will effectively teach anyone to speak Spanish, so that’s how the class is taught.  No English is spoken, none is written, even the support web-site for the text book is all in Spanish.  Anyway, he spent most classes with a glazed look in his eye, unable to follow what was going on.  The only thing he really “got” was sentence structure.  So, teacher asks him a question, he’s scrambling through his notes to try and figure out how to reply, she got impatient and either told him he was stupid or that he needed to try harder, and he got upset, packed up his toys and went home, so to speak.  Sigh…

On the up-side, 19 year old got an “A” on an Algebra test later in the week, and a really good grade on the Art History one today.  My 12 year old got some good test results this week, too.  So, I just checked the grade-tracking web site for the middle school, and 12 year old is doing better in Social Studies, where he was previously squeaking a “B”, and still getting an “A” in Language Arts and his two electives.  Sadly, he’s still failing math (normally his best subject) and down to squeaking a “B” in Science, mostly due to not doing his homework, apparently (GRRRR!).

Up, down, up, down.  Work has been the same kind of highs and lows all week long.  Although I’ve been working informally and part time for almost 2 years around the organization for which I now work formally and full time, I am new in my job, at least officially.  I am a project manager for a big outsourcer who shall remain nameless.  So it’s been a rotten week in terms of being able to get the information I need to do my job.  In addition to that, a project that I really, really wanted but which was not available when this one came my way has now opened up, and I can’t be spared even part time to work on that initiative.  That smarts a little, but I know that I made the right decision to take this job, because it can work into something really good for me, I’m sure.  The up-side is that, even though I’m officially considered an entry-level project manager, my programme manager’s boss has decided that, if all goes well, they will probably turn the programme over to me to manage, because they feel I’m not going to be properly challenged in my current role.  It’s nice to have one’s talents recognized, so that was a good feeling.

Knitting-wise, I finallymanaged to cast on and make progress with the pretty pink Cascade Cotton Rich DK that was giving me so much trouble earlier in the week.  I have about 3.5 inches of the front of a discreet little tank top in stockinette stitch complete, just started the decrease at the waistline.  That’s the up side.  On the down side, I will be ripping about 5-6 rounds out of spriral-rib wrister #2, because I knitted way too many rows in the first thumb-opening pattern repeat.  Phooey.  Looking ahead, I’m casting around to find an appropriate pattern for the Jaeger Roma yarn I got on close-out.  I think I’ll need more of it, because everything I see that I’d like to make is not a cute little tank top that requires only the amount I have.  Phooey.  But I do like buying yarn, so I guess it’s not all bad.  LOL!

Got my tax refund via direct deposit today, too, so I have some money to spend.  (Up side)  The down side to that?  Well, first things first, I have to buy tires for my SUV.  Ick.  What a boring purchase.  At least I can knit while I wait for the tires to be mounted and balanced, right?  🙂

Happy weekend, everyone!  Enjoy it while you can.  I’m going to try.


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