Not my best week, so far…

19 Feb

It has not been my best week in Knitting Land, at least so far.  I’ve been doing an awful lot of frogging (ripping) and tinking (un-knitting), and not making a lot of progress.  I’m distracted and stressed, and I’ve no idea why that should be so.  I can’t say whether I’m distracted/distressed because the knitting is going badly or the knitting is going badly because I’m distracted and stressed.  I’m fairly busy at work, but not so busy that it’s making me crazy.  There’ve been a few little family issues, but nothing that can’t be handled.  Sigh.  I should probably just take a break from it or at least try knitting something brainlessly stockinette or garter stitch.  Unfortunately, I’m usually pretty stubborn and obsessive about things that I think I ought to be able to do, so I’ll probably keep plugging away at the things that have been getting on my nerves.

I have the Airy Scarf in lace-weight yarn from “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” on my sz 10 Knit Picks harmony needles, and it looks pretty weird yet.  Of course, I think I’ve only accomplished 1 or 2 garter stitch rows past the first eyelet row, so not enough to really get a good look yet.  I am on the 2nd of two wristers in spiral rib (from same book as above), and they are very pretty, but I must have frogged and tinked about 10 different times to get the first one completed over the weekend.  Second one is coming along, but there has been a some of tinking going on and at least one small frogging. 

And then there’s my pretty new Cascade Cotton Rich DK in the Rose Shadow colorway…this is the 2nd batch of that brand new yarn I’ve picked up.  Haven’t even started using the Cheddar colorway yet…but the pink was irresistible, especially at 20% off any red or pink yarn at my LYS on Valentines Day.  🙂  So, I bought it, even though I’d not yet knitted anything with the other purchase.  Maybe a big mistake, maybe not.  I’m learning some things about me and cotton/cotton blend yarn.  I do not like doing ribbing or modified ribbing in this yarn.  It looks ok, not great, but it’s really uncomfortable to do – makes my fingertips hurt more than using a nice soft alpaca or acrylic.  So now I’ve been hunting for a pattern to use this stuff that’s mostly stockinette, which I know looks really nice from having swatched it.  Plus, it’s far more brainless than trying to keep a k2 p2 or p3 k1 pattern straight in my head across 145 stitches or more!  Eeek!!

I have trouble finding patterns I can use because I am just barely on the plus size side of the world.  I’m also all of 5’2″ tall on my best day.  Short AND heavy don’t go together in the apparel world – people are either supposed to be short and thin or heavy and medium/tall.  Same problem occurs in buying off-the-rack clothes – a 16 is very snug, an 18 may is usually a little large in the back of hte waist and sometimes too tight across the lower abdomen.  A 16W, however, is hopelessly large, which is very, very frustrating.  Equally frustrating is that all of them are too long in the sleeves and legs, sometimes in other places, too, like in the rise or in the placement of the waistband, all due to my being short.  Petites pants, on the other hand, IF they can be found above a size 14 (which is pretty darned rare!!), are usually too short, because I have long-ish legs for a short woman and need 29 1/2″ inseam.  Grrrr!!!  I would just sew all my own clothes to get things that fit, but, although I can sew reasonably well, I’m just not as good at it as my mother was (she could make things you would swear were sold at fine retailers), and I don’t really enjoy it all that much unless it’s to make something super-special, like a costume or home decor.   But I do really like knitting, so I’d just love to knit some things for myself, but seem to only be able to find patterns that would look good and fit well my size 4 friend who lives in Texas.  🙂

In the non-knitting part of my world, perhaps my stress is coming from my kids.  My college-aged son got into a little tiff with his Spanish teacher and dropped the class yesterday.  He needs a year of foreign language prior to reaching 30 units if he is to be able to continue to pursue a degree in this state – never took any in high school, because (a) it wasn’t required at that time in Arizona and (b) he’s got a learning disability that makes foreign language a bit tough.  Growl.  Don’t know how he’s planning to get the language credits accomplished, but I’ll be interested to find out.  Tee hee.  As for my younger son, who is 12, he’s suddenly failing his best subject (he used to really love math, I promise!!) – and he’s suffering from all those middle school issues except girl-craziness – he’s forgetful, he’s practicing work-avoidance and minimal-effort techniques on schoolwork, once in a while he fibs, he’s super lazy and would rather play all the time, etc.  Grrrrr.  I hate this stage.  Good thing it eventually passes…

OK – enough whining.  On the good side of things, I think I did find a pattern I’ll be able to use for the cotton yarn, it’s basic and boring, but it is in stockinette, the right gauge and is available for a “fluffy” knitter.  Also on the happy side, I really do like my KP Options.  The Harmony wood is not nearly as garish or brightly colored as it appears in the on-line photos, they are actually really beautiful.  They are also just pointy enough and just slippery enough for me.  I don’t care for metal needles, generally, because they are so slippery that I grip them too tightly and suffer almost instant hand and wrist fatigue (I have some tendinitis in both wrists)…and they are so cold, too, which doesn’t help the pain.  So I may never try the Options in the nickel-plated brass, but I do love the wood.  And finally, on the good side of things, my 19 year old son, who up to now has been shy and rather solitary, and perfectly happy to remain that way, has now joined the rest of us in the real world, where people actually enjoy spending time with eachother.  Translation – he finally got up the nerve to ask a girl out on a date (first time) and she said yes, and they apparently had a good time.  It’s a few years later than I thought it would be, but I’m glad I’ve gotten through the milestone of seeing one of my boys go on his first date!  Now I’ll be more calm and ready when my 12 year old hits this stage in a couple/few more years.  🙂


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