Musings for a Saturday morning

16 Feb

Why the vague title, you ask, well, I have, oh, lots of little things to say, but not one particular thought I wish to expound upon for more than a few sentences.  So…

I took the day off from work to relax and recharge, so I got brave on Thursday night,  grabbed a Benadryl and a friend who knits, and popped off to the LYS for the sit and knit.  Sadly, that LYS is our closest one and it’s probably a good 25 minute drive on the freeway.  In a typical stroke of my fortune, we made good time and had free-moving traffic all the way up the freeway until we got to within about 1 mile of the Old Hickory Blvd. exit, where we wanted to leave the freeway.  There, it stopped dead, due to some 6 cars in an accident.  Ick.  The sit and knit was sort of fun.  Since we’d never been to one before, we weren’t what you would call real talkative or popular, but it was nice.  Plus, since it was Valentine’s Day, the shop had a 20% off sale on any yarn with pink or red in it.  So, I just had to add to the stash I wasn’t going to build and get 6 more skeins of Cascade Cotton Rich DK in Rose Shadow, a pretty pink for spring and summer.  🙂

Rambling on…spring training for baseball is finally starting – woo hoo!  It’s been a long and dull off-season, really, since neither of my fave teams did a whole lot in terms of trades or free agent signings – a little, but not a lot.  Diamondbacks look like they’ve got a really good rotation this year, and combining that with the core of young position players already on staff, I think that they will do very well this year.  Joe Torre as the Dodgers’ manager makes things a bit more interesting in the NL West, but Joe is no more unbeatable than any other baseball manager, as the NY Yankees of the 2000’s have proven.  Red Sox didn’t do a lot either, and I think that their rotation is going to be more interesting this year, what with Schilling out resting up his shoulder.

Even though I had the day off yesterday, with which my friend and I checked out a different yarn shop we’d not been to before, it wasn’t my best day knitting.  I was starting a sleeveless top out of the pink yarn noted above, and couldn’t seem to keep my k2 p2 rib straight, which is frustrating.  I frogged once (started over) and had to tink, tink, tink (un-knit) at least two other times before it seemed to be correct.  At that point, I realized I didn’t like the cotton yarn on that size needle and in a rib.  So now I don’t know what I will do with that yarn.  I put it aside and picked up the alpaca wristers I’m making for another friend.  I had already frogged that back several rows this week due to the pattern (spiral rib) being off.  Very weird – I’m actually very good and usually quite rhythmic with ribbing.  Sigh.  Just not my week, I guess, because I wound up frogging back everything I had done since my last frogging and trying again.  With a couple of small episodes of tink, that one seems to be back on track, too, but a little fuzzy from multiple times the yarn was knitted.

And now, we come to Saturday, a day which in my household usually means a whirlwind of errands, but I don’t have any in mind.  Hubby might, but I don’t.  I really don’t even want to do that today – I would just as soon just go get a quickie haircut, have a fill-in done on my acrylic nails, but otherwise just veg out on the couch, knitting and listening to whatever silly show happens to be on the TV…won’t happen, though, something always comes up.  Hubby was itching about the fact that we didn’t have anything planned last night.  He’ll want to go somewhere and do something for the better part of the day, and then, sometime later, he’ll be grumpy that he never gets any time to just relax.  Ah, men!  Gotta love ’em!  At any rate, as long as hubby does the driving, I can still knit, so I will survive what ever he chooses to do.  Tee hee…


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