They’re here! :)

14 Feb

Yay!  My new Knitpicks Options interchangeable knitting needles arrived yesterday.  They came in with the mail in mid-afternoon, and I was working from home because schools all over middle Tennessee were closed due to bad weather.  This after 2 days of working from home and my 12 year old missing school because he was sick!!  But that’s another subject…moving on…

Anyway, somehow, I managed to wait to open them until about 5 seconds after my husband walked in the door last night.  And about 30 seconds after opening the package, I had a skein of yarn in my hand to knit with – anything, didn’t matter what, just had to take those beautiful wood needles for a test drive.  Oh, my goodness, are they FABULOUS!  They are everything the devoted fans of KP Options say and more.  Now, I haven’t done much on ’em yet, just a little swatch of Jaeger Roma and then started a lacy scarf on big needles with little yarn.  But they surely were wonderful to work with.  The proof, of course, will be in using them for a real project, say, a sweater or something.  For now, I could just spend time looking at them, they are so pretty!  🙂 

Of course, I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that, even on big needles, I’m not ready for open-work knitting and laceweight yarn.  So the 880 yards of Knitpick Shimmer that was in my Knitpicks order might just have to sit in the stash a while.

What to knit, what to knit??  Hmmmm…


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