It’s officially frozen over…

12 Feb

Yes, world, “it” has finally frozen over.  My wonderful brother, who really is wonderful but is always very busy and very often out of touch with me, actually remembered my birthday and sent me a happy b-day e-mail this morning.  He usually forgets, at least 1/2 on purpose, because he’s almost 5 years older than I and does not wish to remember how old either one of us is (I’m 49 today).  The other 1/2 of forgetting is that this is a very busy time of year for him.  He’s an executive with a fairly large company and organizes prize trip conferences at this time of year for the best of the best in the field.  Very often, he’s actually out of the country on my birthday.  So, to receive an e-mail from him on the day is something of an achievement, signifying that the bad place below has officially frozen.  Or it’s really cold in the Nevada, Arizona and Southern California deserts today, whichever you prefer!  🙂

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Posted by on February 12, 2008 in Life in General


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