And I said it wouldn’t be done…

08 Feb

When I started knitting in November, I laughed at the crazy people who stash away dozens or hundreds of skeins of yarn that they will use “someday” to make something.  Here I sit, just a couple of months later, and I find myself stashing.  Conservatively stashing, compared to lots of other knitters, but stashing all the same.  I already had 2 skeins of alpaca/silk sport to DK weight sitting around waiting for a project.  I bought that mostly to prove that I could use something with animal hair in it, after my “itch of a day” a while back.  I’m already using the 2 skeins of pure alpaca I bought last week, so that doesn’t count.  I have a bunch of leftovers and such that I bought for various knit or crochet projects only to discover that either the yarn wasn’t right for the project or that the project wasn’t right for me or that I had simply bought more than I needed.  The stash fills two small plastic file-box size containers.  And then came my birthday (which is next week).

In “honor” of the last birthday of my 40’s, I went a little, tiny bit yarn nutty, ordering 2 skeins of lace-weight alpaca/silk yarn from, even though I am clueless on knitting lace.  Hubby was getting me Knitpicks Options in Harmony Wood for my birthday (woo hoo!), so I had to get some yarn to go with the needles, right?  (hee, hee, hee!!)   I figure my worst case scenario is that I will use two strands and make a pretty scarf or something. 

And then last night, I split an order from www.smileysyarns.comwith a friend.  Smiley’s has a lot of really inexpensive yarns in closeout colors and such, which makes it pretty hard to resist, but they also have a $40 minimum order and a $13 shipping fee (eek!).  Not too tickled about the shipping fee, but too late now!  🙂  Anyway, my friend had $25 burning a hole in her knitting bag.  She’s also a new knitter, and she wanted to try a bunch of different novelty yarns, so she ordered enough to make hats or scarves for just about everyone she knows!! 

As for me, I ordered a couple of skeins of Moda Dea Dream in Plum, to go with the almost 2 full skeins already in my stash, so now I can actually make something with it (no idea what!).  Then I ordered a couple of skeins of Bernat Miami, an interesting looking tape yarn in pastel colors.  I figured to make a summery bag out of it.  But the crowing glory was 7 lovely skeins of Jaeger Roma, a blend of viscose, nylon and angora (!) that will probably make me itch the moment I take it out of the box.  I was wildly allergic to angora in my teens, when it was *really* popular and no young lady’s wardrobe was complete without at least 2 angora sweaters.  Angora in the ’70’s is like cashmere today.  Anway, I haven’t touched angora since then – I did have an angora sweater for about 2 days, very itchy, gave it to a friend and bought a fake (acrylic) one instead.  Then my brother washed the fake angora in hot water and it came out ready to wear by a large baby doll – so my angora expriments of the past have largely been failures.  But, since the Roma was only 15% angora, I thought I could give it a try.  More adventures in knitting, eh?  Keep following the fun times with me, won’t you?  🙂


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