The joys of FO (finished objects)

05 Feb

Well, another project is completed.  I decided, as the baby sweater was winding down, that I would knit some wristers (fingerless gloves) for myself out of yarn I had in my small stash.  This, because (a) I frequently have cold hands, that’s just my nature, and (b) these are usually knitted on double-pointed needles, which I have never used before.  So, being constantly up for a challenge, I chose a pattern that looked pretty easy in the most-recent issue of Creative Knitting Magazine (“Wristers A-Plenty”, in plain rib) and got going.  First I tried some Lion Brand Wool-Ease worsted weight, and that wasn’t working well for me.  I got about 3/4 of the way done with the first wrister and tried it on.  It looked even more like it belonged to a homeless person than it should have – little holes in the work, splits in the yarn spoiling the stitch appearance, and even some out-and-out stitching errors.  Sigh.  I took it off the needles and started over with a tried-and-true yarn that I know is easy to work with, Caron Simply Soft.  I cast on with the Simply Soft on Friday night, and plugged away as constantly as I could (which is to say, I knitted every available second that wasn’t taken up by another, more obligatory activity like grocery shopping or something). 

Success!  They went pretty smoothly and I finished them on Sunday night, an hour or so after the Superbowl ended.  They look really nice, and I was very pleased with myself, feeling sassy and happy that I had mastered the double-pointed needles…or at least, they had not beaten me.  So, even though it was not a crazy-cold day here in Tennessee on Monday, I took them to work with me and wore to warm my hands up when I first got in.  Sigh – they don’t really fit me all that well.  I have rather large palms hands for a short woman (I’m just under 5’2″ tall), but short, stubby fingers.  There’s just too much mitten above my palms for me to type, knit, etc.  Phooey…so now I have to find some worthy person of my acquaintance that will be able to wear them (have longer hands/fingers) and will actually appreciate them.  My 12 year old covets them, because he likes anything I make (except dinner!), but they are too big for him, too.  My 19 year old son wasn’t interested and my husband just sort of snorted and said, “No” when I asked if he could use them.  🙂  See the picture here:  Wristers A-Plenty in worsted yarn

(p.s. – the unhappy cat upon whose attractive back my hands are resting is the inimitable, enormous and very beautiful Spike.  We love him, even if he is a source of way too much shedding cat hair, 24x7x365!)


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