30 Jan

My first (baby) sweater

I finished my very first (tiny) sweater tonight!  Woo hoo!  It’s the one I’ve been working on for a co-worker who is expecting her 2nd child, another girl.  I just really wanted to make something out of that particular yarn (Bernat Naturals Soy), and the infant sweater pattern appealed to me.  Not only did it look fairly easy for a new knitter (me), but it also only required 3 balls of yarn.  As it happens, I think I only used two balls, but I opened all three. 

I started seaming the sleeves last night, and proceeded to pick up an knit around the neckline before bed.  Then, this afternoon during a long, dull conference call, I ripped all of the sleeve seams out and re-did them the right way (I didn’t have nice flat seams).  It looks SO much better now.  That sweater is, by no means, error-free, but it looks great anyway.  😉

Anyway, here’s the picture.  I think it came out really well.  The button at the neck and the little button/bow at the chest are my little add-ons, the idea of a good friend of mine who sews a lot and had a daughter (I’ve got sons!!).


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