Projectus Interruptus

23 Jan

Jake’s Watch Cap  – Update – here’s the pic that I promised of the cap.  🙂

For the last few days, I’ve put aside the baby pullover on which I’d been working for a co-worker’s expected child.  You see, I’ve been working on a watch cap for my younger son, Jake, who is 12.  Jake had been trying to learn knitting himself, because he likes to do most things that I do.  I had purchase him a skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky with which to practice and, perhaps, eventually start knitting himself a scarf.  That’s the yarn that represented my breakthrough with knitting, so I thought it would work for him.  It did, and it didn’t.  He tried, he does pretty well, but like most beginners, he drops stitches after a couple of rows.  Jake is not famous for his patience, so he gives up and frogs as soon as he drops a stitch.  That got old very fast.  So, lo and behold, with the weather forecast for Middle Tennessee predicting low teens for the latter part of this week, Jake suddenly asked that I knit him a cap out of that yarn, and do it FAST!  Silly me, I said, “Sure, honey, I can do that!”.

Surprisingly, I did.  In spite of a heavy schedule at work this week, I started the cap Sunday morning, and I finished it late on Tuesday night.  Woo hoo!  He wore it proudly this morning while waiting for the bus, and again this afternoon while skateboarding with some friends.  Pretty cool, actually.  I’ll post a pic of it eventually. 

 And now, back to my regularly scheduled project, the baby sweater, which I really want to finish soon – partially because the co-worker is due in early March and had her other child some 3 weeks early (and is showing signs of possibly delivering this one early, too!), and partially so that I can start working on something out of that yummy alpaca-silk yarn I bought last weekend!  🙂


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