It’s been a crazy couple of months

14 Jan

Just to break up the monotony of talking about nothing but knitting, I will expound for a few minutes upon other things happening in my little world. 

My in-laws are retirees who live in WI (they are natives), and they visit us annually, usually for a week or two at Thanksgiving as they head south for the winter, and again in March as they head back home for the summer.  This year, they wanted to purchase a vehicle to tow behind their motor-home while they were visiting us, and had some problems with the one they got.  Consequently, instead of my FIL being in his usual hurry to head for parts unknown a few days after the turkey is done, they actually hung around until after New Years.  Hubby was tickled to have his parents here for Christmas and New Years, of course, and we all did have a good time.  As things turned out, we also had friends, a married couple, come to stay with us right before Christmas, bringing their cat and two ferrets.  It was a little crowded for Christmas, but we sure had a lot of fun.  From November through New Years, I dragged my MIL out on just about every errand or shopping trip other than the basic, boring weekly grocery run, and it was great to have a craft shopping buddy.

Now that the in-laws have left, it seems kinda quiet around the house, even with our friends and their pets still joining in our menagerie. 

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