The stitches are calling me…

11 Jan

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  Since it’s been a bit of a slow one from a work perspective today, I had a little time to get this thing set up.  Better yet, since it is now late Friday afternoon, that means I have the whole weekend to knit, talk about knitting, shop for knitting yarn and needles and all that fun stuff.  Well, OK, maybe not the whole weekend – I mean, I will have to get groceries, do laundry, think about cleaning some portions of my house, and possibly spend some time with my husband and children, but hey, I can knit and do most of that at the same time!  LOL!

 My current project is a very basic sweater in stockinette from a pattern in a Better Homes and Gardens Knitting 1 2 3 book of projects for beginner knitters that I picked up during my work vacation after Christmas.  It’s being made from Lion Brand Homespun, a yarn whose colors have I have always adored, but with which I have always hated crocheting.  Sadly, I’m truly allergic to wool fibres, so unless I find something in a blend of 30% or less of any/all kinds of wool, I’m stuck with acrylics when I want to do something warm.  Since I could not find something else affordable with the same yarn gauge and it happened to be on sale the weekend I decided to take on the adventure of knitting myself a sweater, I took a chance that it would knit up better than it crocheted.  Predictably, this was a bad chance to take.  I am not enjoying using this yarn – the boucles slide along the carrier fibre, making twists and bunches in the working yarn below my work, and it’s really hard to un-knit or un-purl, as well (and I still make a fair number of mistakes, so that’s a problem for me!!).

I’ve decided that I need another project to have around for when I am frustrated with the Homespun, but not sure yet what it is that I will do.  I might try a spring/summer sweater or a little purse.  We shall see…



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