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My first (baby) sweater

I finished my very first (tiny) sweater tonight!  Woo hoo!  It’s the one I’ve been working on for a co-worker who is expecting her 2nd child, another girl.  I just really wanted to make something out of that particular yarn (Bernat Naturals Soy), and the infant sweater pattern appealed to me.  Not only did it look fairly easy for a new knitter (me), but it also only required 3 balls of yarn.  As it happens, I think I only used two balls, but I opened all three. 

I started seaming the sleeves last night, and proceeded to pick up an knit around the neckline before bed.  Then, this afternoon during a long, dull conference call, I ripped all of the sleeve seams out and re-did them the right way (I didn’t have nice flat seams).  It looks SO much better now.  That sweater is, by no means, error-free, but it looks great anyway.  😉

Anyway, here’s the picture.  I think it came out really well.  The button at the neck and the little button/bow at the chest are my little add-ons, the idea of a good friend of mine who sews a lot and had a daughter (I’ve got sons!!).


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Wish I could knit at work…

I’m on a conference call for work right now.  The subject of the call is a section or portion of the work on my program/project, and the people who have been directed to take on that portion of work are politely refusing to take it.  Phooey.  It’s just not going to be pretty.  More work for me – oh goodie.  Oh, well, I guess we’ll get this figured out somehow.

On an equally unpleasant subject, my 19 year old got a traffice ticket yesterday – he ran a stop sign on a neighborhood (subdivision) street.  He just was not paying attention, which is par for his little golf course.  My 19 year old has attention deficit disorder (without the hyperactivity, thankfully), and he decided about 2 years ago (senior year in HS) that he didn’t need to medicate the disorder anymore.  He’s struggling a bit with his college courses this semester, too, so I’m a bit frustrated with him, but I think he may finally be at the point where he’s figured out that he didn’t “outgrow” ADD. 


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Hmmmm.  Trying to figure out how to put a Flickr badge on this site and striking out.  And I used to think I was a fairly savvy computer and internet user.  Sigh.  The older I get, the more advanced all the technology gets and the less I seem to know.  🙂

If someone actually reads this post that knows how to make the Flickr badge work, please comment to me!

Many thanks!!

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Up too late again last night

OK, so I stayed up too late again last night, finishing up the first sleeve for the infant pullover.  But it’s done and I cast on the other sleeve tonight.  Didn’t get much done on it, as I’m a bit behind at work, so I stopped knitting (!!) for a while to finish up some important project management updates.  It’s actually been a really crazy week at work, which is digging into my knitting time.  Grrr.  Hopefully, things calm down a little bit next week.  🙂



Projectus Interruptus

Jake’s Watch Cap  – Update – here’s the pic that I promised of the cap.  🙂

For the last few days, I’ve put aside the baby pullover on which I’d been working for a co-worker’s expected child.  You see, I’ve been working on a watch cap for my younger son, Jake, who is 12.  Jake had been trying to learn knitting himself, because he likes to do most things that I do.  I had purchase him a skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky with which to practice and, perhaps, eventually start knitting himself a scarf.  That’s the yarn that represented my breakthrough with knitting, so I thought it would work for him.  It did, and it didn’t.  He tried, he does pretty well, but like most beginners, he drops stitches after a couple of rows.  Jake is not famous for his patience, so he gives up and frogs as soon as he drops a stitch.  That got old very fast.  So, lo and behold, with the weather forecast for Middle Tennessee predicting low teens for the latter part of this week, Jake suddenly asked that I knit him a cap out of that yarn, and do it FAST!  Silly me, I said, “Sure, honey, I can do that!”.

Surprisingly, I did.  In spite of a heavy schedule at work this week, I started the cap Sunday morning, and I finished it late on Tuesday night.  Woo hoo!  He wore it proudly this morning while waiting for the bus, and again this afternoon while skateboarding with some friends.  Pretty cool, actually.  I’ll post a pic of it eventually. 

 And now, back to my regularly scheduled project, the baby sweater, which I really want to finish soon – partially because the co-worker is due in early March and had her other child some 3 weeks early (and is showing signs of possibly delivering this one early, too!), and partially so that I can start working on something out of that yummy alpaca-silk yarn I bought last weekend!  🙂


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I finally did it!

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk

I finally managed to bite the proverbial bullet and buy some very pretty yarn at the LYS today.  I went to Threaded Bliss Yarns in Nashville.  I had been in there just before the holidays, and it’s a bit smaller shop than the one I went to last weekend that caused the horrible allergic reaction, so I had high hopes that I’d be able to survive a shopping trip.  Just in case, though, I carried some Benadryl along with me.

Well, when we (DH and I) got there, it was a bit busy, a few people shopping and a whole bunch just sitting and knitting.  Still, I gave it a shot.  I probably stared at yarn in there for a good 30+ minutes, and finally settled on two skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, which is a 50/50 blend of silk and alpaca fibers.  I have read that alpaca produces the least allergic reactions in people with wool allergies, and I’ve used an acrylic/alpaca blend that didn’t bother me at all, so I figured it was worth a shot.  The colorway is #114, Wisteria, and it’s just beautiful.  Sadly, it’s just under 300 yards total for the two skeins (and just over $25 with tax!!), so I’m not sure yet what I will make from it.  Still, with this purchase, I now can say that I truly have a stash!  🙂


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MLB off-season has been pretty dull so far


I am a big baseball fan.  I follow both the team of my birth, the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, and the team of my last residency, the 2001 World Series Champion Arizona Diamondbacks.  In the off-season, there’s nothing to do but watch the trades and free-agent signings.  Usually, that can be reasonably interesting, with at least a couple of big blockbuster trades and some juicy signings.  Not a lot going on this year, though, unless a fan wishes to obsess over the performance-enhancing drug users (hereafter called PEDs in my posts) in the Mitchell Report…or the indictment of Barry Bonds…or the (probably unfounded) rumor that The Rocket (Roger Clemens) has used them…and so on.  I have generally found it surprising when I’ve read that one or another pitcher has used PEDs – you would not think this would be of benefit to a pitcher, but I suppose that I’m thinking too narrowly and assuming that all PEDs are steroids.  But they aren’t, I guess, there’s the HGHs and so much else that an athlete could use.  So I suppose it’s possible that The Rocket has committed this grave error in judgement, too, along with lots of other players.

Lots of players, owners, and particularly sports writers love to blame the fans (and particularly female fans, who are reputed to only be interested in tight butts, tighter uniforms and home runs) for the whole PED picture.  If we fans didn’t demand ever more amazing feats of athletic heroism from the players, they wouldn’t have to do this, right?  Wrong.  Just so wrong.  If Babe Ruth could do it without steroids, so could Barry and the Giambi brothers and so many others.  If generations of pitchers could work entire games on really short rest, hardly ever needing a reliever, then so can today’s arms.

Give me a classic game of small ball, the running game, and lots of great defense, and I am the happiest of fans.

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